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Information about Commercial refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is a vital part of modern supply chains, and it is therefore important for systems to be as robust and reliable as possible. While improvements in insulation and newly developed materials have made the construction of refrigerated vehicles and casings simpler and more efficient, the technology at the heart of the system, the vapour-compression system, is based on much older developments that, while well-tested and useful, have limitations if special care is not taken.

Operating Conditions for commercial refrigeration

Because compressors work only with vapour, having too much refrigerant in a commercial refrigeration system is as bad as having too [...]

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What is a variable frequency drive?

Variable Frequency Drive

If you are running any kind of operation which involves electric motors large or small, it is likely you have already heard of the mysterious variable frequency drive. If you haven’t, it is high time you get informed because this invention can cut energy costs, increase production control and efficiency, and reduce equipment wear and tear. Read on for the full details.

What is a variable frequency drive?

The variable frequency drive, also known as an adjustable frequency or variable speed drive, is a special component of electro-mechanical drive systems which controls alternating-current motor speed and torque. It achieves this effect by varying [...]

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Variable speed compressor – most efficient cooling systems

An air compressor that takes advantage of ‚variable frequency drive‘ technology is called a variable speed compressor (VSC). This sort of compressor has a particular drive that controls the speed of the mechanism, which, as a result, will save energy. This means that a Variable speed compressor is much more energy efficient than a traditional fixed speed compressor.

A standard form of Variable frequency drive that is used widely in industry is a ‚variable-frequency drive.‘ This will alter the AC power that it receives, change it to DC and then back to AC power. This is done by using an inverter switching circuit. Apart from a reduction in energy cost, [...]

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A Brief Look at Commercial Refrigeration compressors

The commercial refrigeration process can be quite complicated. Indeed, the technologies involved have dramatically advanced during the past few decades. While a portion of this momentum is centred around higher levels of efficiency, the need to reduce hydrocarbons within the environment has been another key motivating factor. Although this is a rather in-depth topic, it is still wise to take a brief look at how the refrigeration process works and what mechanisms are involved.

The Role of the Commercial Refrigeration Compressor

Perhaps the most important component of any commercial refrigerator is the compressor. This is a device which pumps refrigerant vapour through a series [...]

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