The versatile Hermetic compressor

Hermetic compressor

Hermetic compressors provide cost-effective solutions to lots of different businesses. There are over 300 models available for commercial freezers, air dryers, drink dispensers, and walk-in coolers. In a hermetic compressor, the motor is welded into the steel casing where it is connected to the compressor. This allows the portable device to be handled easily.

Different types of hermetic compressor

One popular type of hermetically sealed compressor is known as reciprocating. This unit was the very first one to be used as a hermetic compressor and it is still in use today. The vane type of rotary compressor has also gained popularity these days. The rotary type uses less electricity, requires less maintenance, cheaper to run than the reciprocating type, and makes less noise. The reason it costs less to run is due to it having only one motor with less frictional components. Scroll types of compressors feature 2 involute scrolls with one being stationary and the other orbiting. It is because of this motion that the gas between the two elements reaches extremely high pressure. This gas is then discharged through a hole in the central part of the compressor. The rotary vane compressor works by rotating the vanes that are inside the cylinders. These vanes can rotate in the centre of the cylinder of they may be fixed to its walls.

All in all, the vanes are responsible for the gas movement and contribute to the compression phase.  The screw type of compressors is made up of two threaded screws that are joined together. The compressed gas overlaps, thus causing lower volume in lobes production.  You can also find single-screw types of compressors that work by rotating just one cylindrical screw onto which 2 similar rotors are joined to.

And the last type of hermetic compressor is known as centrifugal which consists of an inner rotor that is placed in a chamber. This rotor spins at high speed, thus producing kinetic energy that converts to gas. The gas is pushed through a narrow outlet opening which results in increased pressure. The centrifugal compressor is used for very high cooling purposes.


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