Variable speed compressor – most efficient cooling systems

An air compressor that takes advantage of ‚variable frequency drive‘ technology is called a variable speed compressor (VSC). This sort of compressor has a particular drive that controls the speed of the mechanism, which, as a result, will save energy. This means that a Variable speed compressor is much more energy efficient than a traditional fixed speed compressor.

A standard form of Variable frequency drive that is used widely in industry is a ‚variable-frequency drive.‘ This will alter the AC power that it receives, change it to DC and then back to AC power. This is done by using an inverter switching circuit. Apart from a reduction in energy cost, which is always a primary concern for industrial plants, this technology will also reduce the number of power surges.

With around 20 per cent of electricity in an average factory being used to produce compressed air, Variable frequency drive technology is necessary. Because of today’s economic environment, cost cutting is a critical issue. Tremendous cost savings in this area can be achieved with the installation of variable speed compressors, as a replacement to piston or rotary screw machines.

Because of the savings that can be accomplished by using a Variable speed compressor, a lot of governments, which include the US and the UK, want industries to use this sort of technology. This is primarily because it can bring about a massive reduction in the waste of precious energy. There are a number of incentive schemes that are designed to encourage businesses to upgrade.

VSD’s are not appropriate for some industrial applications. If the VSC is operating continually, at maximum speed, then the switching loss of the frequency converter will mean that there is lower energy efficiency than with a fixed compressor. If the demand is constant between 5-15 per cent, of the amount of free air delivery ‚flow rate‘, then a Variable frequency drive may not provide the most efficient solution.

Even though a variable speed compressor can save money, it is always best to get a professional air audit to identify if it is the most appropriate application for the job that it needs to do.


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