How Commercial Refrigeration Can Boost Corner Store Profits?

While commercial refrigeration may seem more apt for large restaurants and bakeries dealing with preserved, frozen or chilled food on a regular basis, the technology can prove equally beneficial for a convenience or grocery store serving a small yet loyal clientele. There are a host of commercial refrigeration products such as plug-in solutions, glass-door fridges for soft-drinks and dairy products, chilled counters for baked goodies and ice-creams, etc. that can quickly trigger an impulse spend on cool refreshments when people are out shopping at the nearest corner store.

Spending on the Right Commercial Refrigeration Product

Given the fact that there are so many competitive commercial refrigeration options presently available on the market, it is important to invest in a suitable product so that the spend is justified. What exactly should small store units look for in such products?
• Features That Help Maximise Space
Slim cabinets, wall-mounted multi-decks, cabinets that can simply be plugged-in or extended to cater to seasonal demand or promotional offers help make the most of the available space, without compromising on the floor space in the stores.
• Energy Efficiency
The refrigeration compressor is the backbone of cooling systems. Commercial Refrigeration units with a variable speed compressor are known to be more effective and energy efficient, saving up a lot of energy, especially when active throughout the day. Conventional commercial refrigerators are designed to cater to full-load conditions, working over-time even if the storage space is not loaded to capacity, causing not only excess energy consumption but also shortening the life-span of critical components. However, the speed of the compressor, in this case, is controlled by the use of a variable frequency drive (VFD) that helps maintain just the right level of refrigeration needed for the unit.
• Carbon Footprint
Settling for an eco-friendly refrigeration unit driven by permitted hydrocarbons can help reduce carbon footprint and comply with stipulated environmental regulations, as well as benefit from the safe and energy efficient cooling of these systems when implemented in the proper manner.

Be it an air-conditioner or a refrigerated rack of food and drinks, the right commercial refrigeration choice can make a difference even for the smallest of corner stores!


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