The Advantages of Using R600a

The Advantages of Using R600a

R600a, or, what is the same, high purity Isobutane, is a material that receives this name when is used for refrigeration. As a refrigerant, R600a is primarily used in the air conditioning industry because it is in normal conditions around 97 per cent pure, with very few impurities, moisture or other kind of materials, making it an ideal component for this kind of use.

Known since the 19th century, R600a started being widely used by the refrigerant industry in the early 20th century. This isomer of butane experienced a boom in the 1990s because of the rise of the air conditioning manufacturing, and gained popularity once Greenpeace and Foron presented the Greenfreeze project in 1993. It has since, consolidated as a great alternative to other fluorocarbons.

The use of R600a presents a lot of advantages, such as an extremely low Ozone depletion potential, great compatibility with all kinds of components, fantastic thermodynamic properties, a very high level of energy efficiency and very low contribution to global warming. This makes R600a a great ecological alternative for those people looking for a clean refrigerant. All this has made R600a a great isomer to work with, especially in applications where medium, high and very high temperatures are needed. Isobutane is quite safer than other fluorocarbon-based refrigerants, although some safety measures are necessary in order to manipulate it and work with it. While B600a is very flammable, Isobutane is a very safe component if you know how to handle it, although it must be treated with great care. It is important not to inhale or make contact with this material, as it could be dangerous for those people not wearing adequate protection.

It is possible to find domestic applications of this butane isomer, like freezers, air conditioning machines, vending machines, refrigerators, and many more. Isobutane is a very pure material, but it is very critical to ensure that moisture or sulphur don’t impact this refrigerant component. Most impurities are eliminated by those companies dedicated to the distribution of R600a, so this shouldn’t be a problem for those people or business interested in its use.

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