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Refrigeration Compressor Technology

A compressor is a section at the core of a refrigerant circuit. A Refrigeration compressor provides heat pumping, air conditioning, and refrigeration for equipment and facilities that are large scale. What exactly is the function of these type of compressors? The primary purpose of the compressor is to help increase the pressure, and the corresponding saturated temperature or the boiling point of the refrigerant’s vapor. It increases the vapor to high levels to improve the refrigerant condense through rejecting the heat by using the condenser. Nevertheless, for the compressor to work there has to be five essential refrigeration components. The five components include the refrigerant, [...]

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Direct Current (DC) Compressors – Advantages and Drawbacks

Obtaining the right electronic appliances for your household is an essential aspect of reducing power bills in your home. You can considerably reduce the electricity consumption by purchasing a refrigerator, which utilizes the latest technology in air conditioning. Additionally, dc compressors employ the newest tech in installation, insulation, maintenance, and operation of the appliances.

Both the traditional units and the modern ones are still available in the market. However, the manufacturers of the current types use the latest and efficient technology to develop appliances, which are long-lasting and energy efficient. The article outlines some of the advantages and [...]

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Refrigeration with eco friendly refrigerants

Eco Friendly Refrigeration Refrigerants are usually fluids that are utilised as part of the refrigeration cycle in appliances such as refrigerators and freezers. The original construction of refrigerators caused issues for the environment and for the ozone layer in particular. Fluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons were the most common types of refrigerants used when the appliances were built in the 20th century. They seemed ideal due to their thermodynamic properties and the fact that they would not corrode the parts that they came into contact with. However, they caused ozone depletion and an effect known as the greenhouse effect which resulted in a contribution to the increase in [...]
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Superfoods – Gesunde Ernährung 2.0

Wer als Veganer auf Fleisch und tierische Erzeugnisse verzichtet, muss bewusst darauf achten, gewisse Mikronährstoffe in ausreichender Menge zu sich zu nehmen. Einige davon sind in beliebten und heimischen Gemüsesorten leicht zu finden – andere können in so genannten Superfoods stecken. Theoretisch müsste jedes Lebensmittel als Superfood bezeichnet werden, das lebenswichtige Nährstoffe in großen Mengen enthält. Meistens sind damit aber nur Lebensmittel gemeint, die größere Mengen seltener Nährstoffe zur Verfügung stellen.

Herkunft der Superfoods

Aus diesem Grund stammen viele Superfoods nicht aus unserem Kulturkreis. Würde man alle (pflanzlichen) Lebensmittel derart [...]

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